Caregiver Guide

rainbow_line How Medicine Monkey works to help sick kids feel better

You now have a friend
to help your loved one mend

  • Use front pocket to deliver the medication or aid that is needed
  • Use back pocket to deliver rewards. You decide what works for your child: notes, stickers, treats, etc.
  • Medication Tracker keeps record of medicine and is also a great way to get your child involved in the process
  • Use the stickers to chart their progress. Visit¬†HERE to print additional trackers¬†
  • The dance will help distract and celebrate completion
  • Medicine Monkey likes to take trips to doctor appointments
  • Medicine Monkey should visit when his aid is needed, he can't hang around all the time
  • The box provided is a good place to store him in your medicine cabinet, or anywhere else out of reach of children

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