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Birthday gifts for my husband's great grandchildren.

Really cute. I'm sure the kids will love it and the parents will too.

haven't yet received it yet,But excited about it's arrival

Medicine Monkey is our New BFF!

The MM has been a savior in our household with 2 toddlers who are very averse to taking medicine! They love the MM and easily take their medicine looking forward to their MM rewards. The packaging couldn’t be cuter and the quality is excellent - well worth every penny. Such a great concept!!

Yes. Monkey works.

We have a 1.5yr old & a 3.5yr old and Medicine Monkey is helping us thru the end of winter blues. Don't even think about getting one to share with all children. You need one per child or the medicine blues will turn into "give me your damn monkey"-blues. Anyways, medicine time was fun with monkey around. His house (box) is quite stunning and beautifully crafted. The quality of the product satisfies the adult and the purpose of the product delivers for the children. Hands-down, win-win. WE LOVE MEDICINE MONKEY!

Love this Monkey!

Medicine Monkey is so cozy and cute my kids don’t want to give him up! From the box to the stickers everything is well made and adorable. The book is beautiful and well written. I definitely recommend!

Fantastic Gift and a real “feel good” idea

I bought mine as a gift and I’m certain the 2 year old little girl will be in love with her medicine administering monkey ! No one likes medicine... I’m personally waiting for an adult concept that engenders confidence in what I’m about to consume! Thanks to the founders for their efforts in making a tough situation brighter!

Finally a solution!!

Move over #ElfontheShelf - Medicine Monkey has much more value and meaning to my kids.

It’s well designed, super lovable and now part of the family.

We love having Medicine Monkey as a more fun way for kids to get comfortable taking simple cold medicine or for more complex issues.

Always there when we need it! Thank you Medicine Monkey.

Medicine Monkey to the Rescue!

As a pharmacist, I understand the importance of medication adherence. Still, as a parent to two little girls, I struggle like everyone else with getting my kids to take the medicine they need to get better. No amount of training in school can make an eye drop less scary to a toddler or make a generic antibiotic taste better. Medicine Monkey is a great tool that we use at home to make life a lot easier when our kids get sick. The first time we used Medicine Monkey, my daughter was excited and even became part of the process to the point where she was reminding me when it was time to take her medicine. One crucial recommendation outlined in the instructions is to keep Medicine Monkey hidden away, only bringing him out when needed; this helps keep Medicine Monkey special so he can do his job.