Someone you love is feeling blue

It's your job to make them feel like new

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Bringing comfort, aid, and fun

during the toughest times

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When they feel ew

Medicine Monkey knows what to do

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Track medication progress

while using reward based system

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Medicine Monkey

Swings around your neck

He’s so proud of you,

He wants to do a little dance

grown-ups do it too!

Jump up 2 times, then once more

Spin 1 time….

….shake your tail

Then hit the floor!

Medicine Monkey Package Includes:

- Plush Medicine Monkey

- Calendars to track medication

- Reward stickers

- Pouch designed to carry what your child needs

- Additional pouch for an optional reward

- Story book

- Parent Guide

What Pediatricians are Saying:

"Parents ask me all the time, Doctor, how can I get my child to take his or her medicine? And now I have an answer, Medicine Monkey."

Dr. Brian Sheridan


Keeping CalmĀ 

When kids are sick they are tired, they are moody and they don’t want to be bothered. Whether it’s medicine, a thermometer, or an ice pack, Medine Monkey makes it more fun! Teaching kids to cope during hard times and learning to keep things light and fun is a life lesson. 

Share your moments and your ideas by using @mymedicinemonkey sometimes it takes a jungle to raise these kids of ours!

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